Research centre

Phase 1

  • Analysis of the idea, understanding of needs
  • Technical and economic feasibility study
  • Draft project covering the design, functionality, and ergonomics etc.
  • Pre-selection of materials based on their application

Phase 2

  • Design of the 3D CAD plans
  • Pre-approval of project with rapid prototyping
image pole étude

Test centre

Phase 3

  • Production of the manufacturing mould
  • Identification of the number of cavities based on the volume of pieces to be made
  • Defining the degree of automation

Phase 4

  • Injection of the preliminary production for validation
  • Definitive choice of materials and additives
  • Monitoring of tooling + Measurement of the piece
  • Making any potential adaptations to the manufacturing mould
  • Identifying the optimum production parameters
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Production centre

Phase 5

  • Small, medium, and large productions
  • Quality control
  • Post-treatment: fitting, printing, coating, adhering etc.
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Our Key Strengths

Our Key Strengths

  • Full lifecycle integrated solutions
  • Personalised service
  • Value for money
  • Flexibility as to production quantities and materials to inject
  • Meeting your delivery deadlines
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