With more than 40 years’ experience in the field of thermoplastics, POLYMAR is the ideal partner to assist you in making your ideas take shape by accompanying you during every step of your project lifecycle.

Our techniques, from the feasibility study stage all the way through to the completion of your work, in addition to our collaborators’ attention to detail, guarantee you a high performance result and ensure that your deadlines are met.

We cover every sector of the industry. Our flexible and proactive structure allows us to quickly respond to your every need, whether it is project analysis, validation tests, rapid prototyping, small or large productions, etc.

Our ability to listen, combined with our technical skills and proximity, will serve to ensure your innovative projects are successfully delivered.

What we do


Research centre

We work together with you to explore all of the innovative routes that could improve your product.


Test centre

We offer you the possibility of observing the 1st injection of your pieces on our test machines.


Production centre

We ensure that our production parameters are optimised to ensure you the best possible value for money.

Our products